The Perfect Natural Eye

Ever wonder how to get the perfect No Make Up look, one that looks effortless and polished?  Design Detroit has a
great how to video for you to enjoy.  With products compliment of Todd’s Room in Birmingham, make up artist Diana Larionov will provide you with invaluable tips to achieve this natural and flawless look.  Keep your brushes clean and products fresh.

The Straight Story

You have probably straightened your hair hundreds of times. But you really know how to do it properly? Watch and learn as Anthony, from Antonino Salon and Spa in Birmingham walks provides you with tips to straighten hair without damaging it.  Thank you to Real Style model, Erin, who has curly hair which Anthony transformed into straight shiny hair.

The Art of Art

Last Thursday, Art Van hosted, The Art of Style, a state of the art party in the Art Van Novi store. Guests were in the company of style icon Cindy Crawford and the Killer Flamingos and Rhonda Walker and other local 4 notables.

Watching Dave Santia’s The Art of Rock and Roll was truly a high point for the evening.  This talented man speed paints.  In less than 10 minutes, works of art, that eventually would be auctioned off for Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan, were created.  Stroke by stroke, Dave’s creation develops in front of the crowd.

Strokes of orange paint are forcefully splashed on the the black canvas. read post »

Too casual Friday?

What if all the great historic events took place on a Friday in today’s society? What if Thomas Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence on a Friday? What if Abraham Lincoln signed of the Emancipation Proclamation on a Friday? What of Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the President of the US on a Friday?   We can say with certainty that none of them would have worn a t-shirt on that  Friday that said “Casual Friday” with an ill fitting pair jeans and tennis shoes. read post »

Eyes on Fall

 Nina Ricci Fall 20/12 Fashion Show, Nina Ricci available at Tender Birmingham. 

We live in a politically overstimulated society.  Everything is analyzed and dissected to find the hidden meaning or truth.  Generally speaking, any sentence that begins with “I think” is an opinion and facts are facts.  So, how does ones determine, in fashion and beauty, where the truth lies? And, after you separate style fact from style fiction, what is truly relevant in the Midwest? read post »

Color Forms-A Coat Story

out·er·wear   [ou-ter-wair] noun

1. garments, as raincoats or overcoats, worn over other clothing for warmth or protection outdoors; overclothes
2: clothing, as dresses, sweaters, or suits, worn over undergarments. read post »

Fabulous Fall 20/12

Refined, colorful, tailored, accessorized are all words to describe Fall of 20/12.  Put away your vintage t’s, short shorts, maxi dresses and look forward to a season of playful prints, refined dresses, tailored menswear, and accessories galore!  Pictured above, from Neiman Marcus’ Fash Bash, read post »

A Great Foundation

Every great look starts with great foundation.  Thanks to professional make up artist Andrea Duchesneau, you can learn how to apply your foundation properly.


The Easiest of Up Dos

This is the best video tutorial we have produced!  Have you ever wondered how to get that easy messy updo?  Thanks to Anthony, from Antonino Salon and Spa, you can achieve a great look in just minutes.

Daytime to Nighttime Eyes

Design Detroit and professional make up artist,  Andrea Duchesneau, team up to help you turn a daytime look into a dramatic evening look.  Create a subtle and effect look that is sure to turn heads!