Handbag, Nordstrom 

This spring, tap into your wild side and enjoy the tribal influences that can be found in jewelry, clothing and accessories.  The trick to tribal is to beat the drum slowly and don’t dress in the trend head to toe.  This cultural trend is best pulled off when you add a piece here and there. Too much is too much like a costume.

I love chunky jewelry with khaki, chocolate, white, or black.  And you can mix chocolate and black, khaki and white, khaki and black or go monochromatic.  These colors make a great back drop for the chunkiest of the tribal necklaces, the wildest of tribal handbags, or the heaviest of tribal shoes.  Take a black cotton dress, add a chunky necklace, and heavy tribal shoes and you’ve got the look.

Necklace, BCBG

Open weave sweater, suede shorts, Multi color belt, BCBG, Necklace, Macy’s 


Tribal can be subtle or literal. Love, love, love this piece from J Crew. It has a classic feel and a ceramic giraffe’s head to weight the piece.  I recommend one piece of tribal jewelry and a tribal shoe or one piece of tribal jewelry with a tribal handbag.

I advise avoiding the animal print tops or pants.  These items can be a show stopper but not necessarily in a good way.  But if you need to buy animal print clothing, do not, repeat, do not add tribal jewelry or a tribal handbag.

Necklace, J Crew

Shoes, Nordstrom

Show you sense of wild style in a light handed manner.  Don’t make your friends roar over your look.  Embrace it but don’t let it engulf you.  You’ll be sure to impress.

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