Plaid shirt, Macy’s, Cardigan, Banana Republic

It used to be that cool retro guys were the only ones sporting short sleeve shirts.  You know the ones…guys that have always looked completely comfortable in short sleeve plaid shirts and levis, even when it wasn’t necessarily the trend.  A few years back, my husband asked me to buy him some short sleeve dress shirts for work and I was aghast. I told him that no one wore short sleeve dress shirts and that  no designer created such a shirt.

Spring 2012, and shirt sleeve shirts are everywhere, making my statement from a few years ago completely refutable.

The short sleeve shirts  are everywhere, from high end retailers to our favorite discount stores.

How to where the trend to work?  Simply take your short sleeve shirt,  team it with a cardigan and a tie, dark denim or flat front khakis, and of course the new buck, and you have the look of Spring 2012.

Belt, Macy’s                                                              Gap shirt, The Gap

Wear the short sleeve shirt casually, tucked into flat front khaki pant, maybe even in a color other than tan, and a grosgrain belt, and some converse.

Plaid  shirt, The Gap                                              Plaid shirt, J Crew

And of course, wear the short sleeve plaid shirt with your cargo shorts or your new bright summer shorts.

The plaid shirt is crisp and versatile, making its way from work to play.  And of course, I will no longer  shun my husband’s fashion requests.  I just need to know that he is not behind the times, but rather a few years in front of the trend.

And now, all we need is a little warm weather for the men of Detroit to go short.

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  1. said, “fashion forward husband” says: May 1, 2012 • 17:09:20

    Where are the short sleve shirts that say “SIEMENS” over the pocket?


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